A crisis management consultant speaks to a corporate management team.

To successfully navigate a crisis, your business needs a roadmap.

Having a crisis management plan in place before disaster hits helps ensure that your organization is able to respond to a potential crisis in a timely, factual, transparent manner and determines how the crisis will be regarded internally and externally. With a little advance planning, you can alleviate long-term damage to your organization’s reputation and protect your employees, clients and business. Gaffney, Bennett & Associates has decades of experience in crisis management and will help you successfully avoid any potential disruptions to your operation.

Our crisis communication and management services include:

  • BEFORE: Working hand-in-hand with our sister firm, Gaffney Bennett Public Relations, we will help develop a step-by-step response plan to prepare your staff when a crisis hits.
  • DURING: We will develop a step-by-step communications outreach plan to ensure appropriate parties are notified of the crisis, including the executive branch, federal and state legislative delegations, state legislative leaders and agency heads, local municipal officials and relevant private-sector stakeholders. We will develop and update key messages for company spokespersons to use for external communications with elected officials.
  • AFTER: We will monitor media and follow up with public and elected officials to answer any lingering questions or address outstanding issues, setting up meetings with key leaders if necessary. We will conduct a debriefing with clients, if desired, to discuss ongoing message management for external communications and to analyze any lessons that were learned from the crisis.

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