Outside state capitol

Gaffney, Bennett understands that nothing is more valuable than your time.  Which is why, when organizations have the need to connect with state agencies or members of the executive and judicial branches on matters such as economic development, public-private partnerships, licensing, permitting or regulatory issues, Gaffney, Bennett is called upon to expedite the process.  We reach out to the appropriate authority at the agency or office, ensuring that your issues don’t get lost in the weeds and that your company gets to make its case before the proper audience. Afterwards, we’ll help you review your options, lay out next steps and guide your organization going forward.

We have decades of experience:

  • Serving as liaison between clients and members of various state agencies, and the executive and judicial branches of state government.
  • Developing strategies for enacting, revising, implementing, or defeating regulations.
  • Crafting strategies to effectuate local economic development projects by leveraging state and federal financial assistance.

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